Apartment Sales

The Melton Court management provide optional support to owners (or to their executors) in the process of selling their apartment. This includes advertising and guided tours of the apartment and buildings.

With a total of ninety apartments in the two blocks, there is a good likelihood of one or more being available for sale at any one time. Please contact the Court Manager for details.

N.B. In keeping with the ethos of Melton Court, there is a restriction that at least one of an apartment's occupants should be over 65 years of age.

Apartments Currently Available For Sale.

Apt 1     1 bedroom on ground floor - East wing    £230,000

Apt 27    2 bedroom on 3rd Floor - East wing        Sale Pending

Apt 28    2 bedroom on 3rd Floor - East wing        Sale Pending

Apt 31    2 bedroom on 4th Floor - East wing        Sale Pending

Apt 49    1 bedroom on Grd Floor - West wing      £250,000

Apt 64    2 bedroom on 2nd Floor - West wing      Sale Pending

Apt 68    2 bedroom on 3rd Floor - West wing       £290,000

Apt 80    2 bedroom on 4th Floor - West wing       £290,000

For more information please go to: http://www.retirementsecurity.co.uk/courts/melton-court/properties-for-sale.html