Melton Court is managed by a General Manager, a Facilities Manager plus a team of Duty Managers. Additional support is available for the Owners from a team of Housekeeping Assistants, Chefs and Kitchen Assistants, Waitresses and Receptionists.  Practical help is available from the Maintenance Technician.

The General Manager reports to the Owners' Company and is supported by Retirement Security Limited.  Apartment owners are the only shareholders in the Owner's Company and elect their own Board of Directors who meet regularly to consider the running of Melton Court.

To further illustrate how Melton Court encourages suitably motivated owners to participate in the running of the court, owners can sit on one of three committees which consider:

Each owner pays a monthly service charge to cover essential running costs, a large proportion of this being in respect of staffing.  The service charge also covers comprehensive building, Public and Employer's Liability insurance.  A contribution from the service charge is also put aside for future maintenance and refurbishment.  

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Owners meetings (open to all Owners) are held during the year to discuss budgets and the general running of the court.