Support Services

Central to the ethos of 'very sheltered living' is the high level of availability of support services for owners. Melton Court maintain a large team of Duty Managers who are able to perform a wide range of support services during the day or evening.

In addition it is intended that Housekeeping Assistants are available to provide extra time to meet individual needs and to give help with other tasks which Owners cannot manage; this might include help with shopping, washing up, making breakfast, help with showering etc.  In general the help available is such as could be expected from a caring relative and ties in with the clinical care provided with Owners’ GPs, Community Nurses and outside Care agencies.  For people whose needs become very great, the staff work closely with these, the Owners’ family and other outside agencies to ensure the best possible care.

All owners are entitled to one and a half hours of domestic help per week. Additional care can be purchased through outside agencies and at the Court, thereby delaying or even eliminating the considerable extra expense of moving into a residential care or nursing home. Owners also enjoy considerably more independence at Melton Court compared to these alternatives.