Intercom and aid call For owners' peace of mind, Melton Court provide a good level of personal and site security.

Personal Security

Every room in an owner's apartment has at least one emergency pull cord linked directly to the on-site Duty Manager. Prompt help may be summoned both day and night.

The Duty Manager and Owners can enjoy two-way communications through the intercom system for emergencies only.

Thanks to the large number of staff, a structured yet discrete watch is kept on owners to help pick up unusual activity or inactivity. This is not to say that any restrictions are placed on owners movements but only that there is a higher chance of detecting abnormal activity than might otherwise be the case for someone living at home.

Site Security

Entrances to the buildings are secured at all times with high security locks. Duplicate keys cannot be obtained at high street retail stores.

The reception is manned throughout the day and evening and entrance video surveillance is maintained. All visitors need to report to reception before entry.